Digital Marketing: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

What is Digital Marketing?

Well before we get started with Digital Marketing guide step by step you guys should be aware of its use and what’s gonna happen after its implementation. It is in use for more than 100 years but people have been aware of it just in last few years.

Simple definition of it is, advertisement on social media. It could be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social channel where you can share your product or something that you are gong to work for in future or even at the present time.

Although it can be done online and offline… Well you might be thinking if it is just like advertising on social media then how it could be done offline? Because you can also do it offline due to the existence of people in the world. You can do it wherever there are people.

There are some types of online marketing

1: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

2: Content Marketing (CM)

3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4: Affiliate Marketing (AM)

5: Email Marketing  (EM)

Are are some other online marketing as well but in upcoming threads we would only talking about these marketing strategies.

In the world of today everyone is going run after marketing whether it is online offline, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is that who are passionate about it are highly successful. They have got the success of it and are going strong with time.

The audience on social media since last decade has highly increased by more than 100% which is highly in command of getting grow with the time. In the Digital marketing world everyone is growing fastly and immensely with the passion. Now it’s our time to look at it and move our life towards the betterment of ourselves as well as of society.

Even that I’m doing is Digital Marketing like you are ready my blog it could also be called Digital Marketing because you have to advertise something. Social Media is one of top Digital Marketing strategies. There are also meany times of Digital Marketing assets.

Digital Marketing Assets

1: Branded Assets (Logo)

2: Website

3: Images

4: Videos

5: Social Media Pages

6: Products/Tools

7: Reviews

There are also plenty of other Digital Marketing assets as well but they are most used tools in today’s world so make sure to make the most of them as well.

Digital marketing Enough Worth?

Yes it is highly recommended. you should make the most of it. Many successful businessman use it to grow their worth and their business so you should also look at it at least once in your life.

How to Get Started?

Make sure to create beautiful and profitable niche for you that suits your business. it could depend on the choice of yours but if you are really struggling to choose the best niche for your blog then we have 5 Best Blog Niches  I hope they will benefit you.

Before choosing best blog niche you should look at the possible domain and hosting providers. But don’t worry, we are here to share with you best Domain and Hosting Providers that you can choose for the start of your Digital Marketing strategy.

After choosing you niche and buying your domain, you should start writing blogs on it. Just write down whatever you are best in.

Start Advertising

When you have completely write down some blogs now start advertising it on Social Media, or somewhere else because there are plenty advertising companies in the world. Before you become best in your own Digital Marketing you should first start grow because it will help you grow as individual as well as company.

List of Advertising Companies in Digital Marketing

1: Facebook

2: Instagram

3: Google

4: Twitter

5: Social Media Pages/Groups

Now when you have successfully made the most of them. You will find your self on the top of the world. The happiness that will come will be inner and satisfying for you.

How Much Should You Make

It depends on you that how much you are willing to invest. It also depends on many factors like the investment, Click Through Rate and the leads that you get from it. Well you will start realizing fastly once you start investing on it. Just make sure to advertise in better way. I will guide it to you as well, make sure to save my website on your page.

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