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Email Marketing: Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

Does Email Marketing still works in 2020? It is question raising everyone’s mind at the moment because some believe it has stopped working like before in 2020.

In this article you will start learning about Email Marketing that is used by highly successful bloggers in 2020. Yes you have read it clear that highly successful blogger use it in 2020 which means it still works in this era of 2020.

Many have seen their business growth after Email Marketing. If we talk about the past, people were searching best platform where they can grow their blogs within no time but they failed. But we’re enough lucky to have this chance this time around because we have got this reward as Email Marketing.

What’s Email Marketing

Before going too deep, let’s start by asking what’s email marketing because it would be first question  that may arrive to your mind before going to learn it by all means. WELL is it digital marketing strategies to send emails to your customers who may buy your product after some benefits provided to them.

How to Start Email Marketing

It really isn’t easy to go out and fine email lists, you have to wait and collect the emails, you can get the help of social media for it as well. If you are specialize in any category, just start giving it away. It could be any thing like any product or eBook.

Just give it to your fans on the social media and in exchange ask them to provide their emails so that you can contact them slowly and steady. Start giving them training and sometimes rewards as well so that they can be happy after having your services as beneficial to their lives.

Free Training at the start

Start giving them free training at the beginning of your business, but training should be related to your niche. Whatever you are going to teach them and sell them, training should be related to it as well. Don’t forget to avoid it because you’re going to get troubled if you have other niche and you are teaching other thing and selling another thing later on. Whatever you are providing should be related to you domain and niche.

Giveaway Something

Before starting the Email Marketing you should be able to giveaway your any product that you’re going to sell them later. make them realize that you only doesn’t care about your selling but also about your costumers. It could be anything but should be same thing that you’re going to sell it later on.

Starting Selling

Now when you already have Email List ready to take off, just make the most of them. Start selling them the product related to your niche. They might have already belief in you that you are a genuine kind of person and true to your product they will easily buy your product and you will start making huge benefits. Your business will rock after that.

Would you believe it has happened already, YES it has! this is how Email Marketing works nowadays. At the start of it you will surely manage it alone but when you starting engaging more than 30000 visitors per month you surely won’t be able to manage it single handedly, so you will need someone to manage your email listing and send your product once in a weak or month depending on your desire.

Use Autoresponder

My recommendation is to use Autoresponder to manage your email list so that it can send your emails to your email list whenever you want to send them. This will send once to everyone.

This tool is very amazing and all highly big bloggers also recommend this one as well in their blogs. Must try before any other tool.

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