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Pick a Best Domain Name For Your Blog

Best Domain Names

You would be rather hesitate to pick a best domain name for your blog but no worried as we are here to teach you how and what should you pick the best domain for your blog.

Pick a best domain names for your blog

Picking best domain for your blog is what you need at the start of your first blog on internet it will decide you what niches you would work on for your future so we have brought you some best niches for you in our previous blog so check it out and select a some and better niche for your blog first then get started with best domain name for your blog.

There are some basic formulas to look at first before picking best domain name for your blog.

Formula 1 for picking best domain names

As I mentioned earlier your niche will decide what best domain you should pick so I’m giving you just an example of cricket; suppose you are going to pick cricket as your niche so your domain name should be like “cric” you should pick cric before anything else. But before going to this you must think about the idea whether will you ever expand your blog or not.

if your answer it yes then you shouldn’t pick cric in you domain because it won’t allow you to write more than cricket blogs on your site when you get bored on just one simple blog or niche. so keeping that in mind is just phenomenal job to do.

Formula 2 for picking best domain names

Now when you already have decided to go with cricket so you should also look at an other matter that should be what you are going to provide people. Is it knowledge or News ? if it it knowledge then your domain name should be “cricknowledge” or “cricinfo” but if you are going to pick news then you should go with “cricnews”. By this way you can pick domain name for your blog.

Before all of this you might be wondering from where should you buy domain first so here are our recommendation to you. hosterpk is Pakistan’s hosting website which provides you domain and hosting as the same time in very affordable price in all over the world.

Hosterpk Review

Even this website is hosted by Hosterpk and it is working absolutely fine and they are providing me every a bit of help in any regard.

When I was just a new, I have had a lot of queries before starting my first blog but they resolved all of them and help me in every a bit of problem. Mostly they respond within few minutes and solve all the problems in just few minutes. You would be wondering why I like it most? Well they are fast responding company and have all the solutions you might have queries about. So it is great to go with.

Now coming back to best domain name for your blog.

Which extension should you pick for best domain name

There are many extensions in the market like .com, .net, .xyz. But you shouldn’t go with any other rather than .com because it is only extension which get attraction all over the world. But if you pick .pk or .in you will find engaging more people from Pakistan or India depend on your .pk or .in.

Use searching word in your domain name

People are searching more than millions of keywords per day. They are searching the keyword that they are going to have some knowledge about. Have a look at best example. “WPBeginners” this is one of the best website on the internet for WordPress beginners. Here in this domain they have picked WP as it is the short form of WordPress and they also have picked beginners which is used almost all the times when new people are searching about WordPress they usually use beginners. For example: WP for Beginners. How to write for Beginners and so on.

Short Domain is key

Short domain name is very important in this field because it is easy to remember for the audience.

There are many factors in this market. short domain name is very important because it makes your site too good and it also helps people to rank their sites. Audience loves short domain and it’s look super duper easy.

Branded Name is Important

Pick a domain name that will decide your future as it associated to your name or something that could be unique and make your name or website look brand just like Neil Patel who is also a blogger but he has made his name as brand rather than going for branded people to advertise his website etc.

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Be Fast

Be fast just because it is necessary to go and write more and more blogs on your website. According to source more than 100000 domain names are registered everyday just to get doing so choose your best domain name first before anyone takes it. Start creating more blogs than anyone else. You might be wondering that most bloggers suggest that quality matters yes it matters but quantity also does matter for beginners. You can’t rely on just 50 blogs to rank your site so be fast on both and start your blog as quick as possible.


In this article I have taught you how can you pick your best domain name which will surely raise your chancing of picking up better domain that will suit your brand and niche.

So if you have really loved it share it, if you have found something that we can improve let us know so that we can guide you even better in upcoming blogs.




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