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Rank Your Website Top of the Google Search in 2021

Money won’t help you in every regard of Google Search but your hard work does. In this article I will show you some brilliant ideas that you can implement to rank your site top of the Google Search in 2021.

Day by day it has been becoming hard aspect to do but don’t worry we are here to guide you step by step.

Make Website User Friendly

What does it mean? It means you should work on your site to make it friendly first before going anywhere. Most people make these type of mistakes. They make their website extremely wonderful by look  but forget to make it friendly.

It is where they start losing their huge market. Google Search Engine Help those who work hard to get their blogs on top of the Google Search Engine. Ranking any website in 2021 has become very hard due to a lot of material on Google. It i why Google changes its algorithm every day.

they make 8 changes in their algorithm everyday so that everyone can’t judge and make the most of it. But making your website user friendly is still top condition of Google Search Engine to rank your website in 2021.

Content is King

Your content will decide whether it will rank on google search engine or not because it has become the top priority of google rankings. The content of your site should be unique and most importantly optimized with friendly user experience so that it can help you rank your website quickly.

Other thing you should be at least passionate to do that job because if you don’t have any interest in it you will surely leave it one day. So decide first if you have any interest in it.

Improve your Page Speed

Improving your page speed has also become the best part of google search engine to rank your website top of the google search so make sure to improve page speed of your website.

Readers like the fastest page speed. If it doesn’t inspire them, they won’t visit your site after that. So work on it first before rank your website on top of google search engine.

Create Backlinks

Creating backlinks will surely rank your website on top of search engine. My might have seen the most pages on the top of search engine, Backlinks are the reason behind them to rank the site.

Backlinks help google search engine to believe in your website because of the domain authority has been shown on many websites.

Important Advice:

For creating backlinks don’t go to everyone’s comment section. It will harm your website rankings in future. So ask people to create backlinks for your on their site. You can also ask them to provide guest post so that you can attach your site there.

It will boost your rankings as well as improve your domain authority. Most importantly you shouldn’t expect much because it can hurt you when you won’t get results. So make sure to expect less and work more.

Fix Site Health

It will also help your site to rank on top of google search engine in no time if you have zero errors in your website.

Fix all these matters because submitting your site to Search Console because it is also best feature for beginners. If you can’t get more traffic at the start, it will help you to rank your website.

Promote your Website on Social Media

If you’re beginner you shouldn’t waste this opportunity to help your website rank higher on google search engine by engaging some traffic from Social Media. It has been said that sites with social media traffic grows much easier and quickly.

I have had great search engine optimized blogs on my site but they couldn’t bring much value and good stats for my site but when you started promoting my blogs on Social Media what I saw then was outstanding that my most beautiful keywords starting working on Google so quickly that I even couldn’t believe on my eyes.

Target Niche  Audience

I haven’t had that success If I haven’t had target my niche audience. It is very important to figure out what you bring and for whom before promoting your blog. If you have targeted your selected then you will be able to see huge success because you can’t sell your clothes in desert. For that you must have to go to Bazzar just for the sake of target audience it is how it works.

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