Why I Left Watching Cricket After World Cup 2019

I’m Ayan Khan, here I want to reveal among you all that why I left watching cricket since World Cup 2019.

It is not because cricket has become boring or I have started disliking it etc. It is not because I have lost my interest in it. It is also not because I have no time for because. But there are plenty reasons why I have left watching cricket. One of the main reason of left watching cricket is, players interest in their place in the team.

Here you guys would argue why it is the reason, I would tell them because you are emotionally attached to many cricketers because of favouritism or may be because you feel they are great.

Some people like Shahid Afridi, some like Babar Azam may be, they have different opinions, different thinking of behaving each players. But have you ever think of only Batsmen getting runs but team doesn’t win any game.

Will you ever enjoy Babar Azam’s 100 centuries and among all centuries Pakistan lost 80 matches. Will you really be happy after looking at this ? I reckon NO. We all are same. But we have different emotions. We want victories but sometimes we become so so emotional that only our favourite’s performance makes us happy rather than victory of the team.

Sometimes when our favorite player like Mohammad Hafeez score the runs who start taunting Shoaib Malik’s fans like they are Australia and we have defeated them in all with possible margin of 5-0. It all happens in cricket. We hate a lot, we support a lot. It is what happening every single day.

I have left watching cricket after World Cup 2019 because I have found several players are busy playing for their places rather than for victories of the team. If any player fails in one series, he will surely play next series for 40 runs in every game so that he can save his place in the team.

Playing for personal goal

Players are busy playing for personal goals. They are receiving 20 times better salaries than any other normal employee in Pakistan but all in vain. I have hardly found any batsman who can come and play the innings which will help Pakistan to win the match when he was failure in last few innings. Instead he will play for his place.

Here are some examples

Mohammad Hafeez has been exceptional in T20 format since 2019 but have you found out why ? Because he is pretty sure that he is in the team even if he fails in next 5 matches. How he has found it ? Well ! It is easy because he has last 10 brilliant innings to his name. What if he had failed in all those. He might have been busy playing for 40s rather than going for quick 30s or 20s.

Some bowlers are trying really hard for Pakistan, they don’t care about their places in the team but our batsmen have other plans. This serious issue has been running since 2010 and we are unable to resolve it even after looking at this issue over and over again.

Why can’t we fix it ? Because we play players when they get 50 runs and drop them when they don’t score 50 odd. This is the simple formula we have settled for our batsmen which is causing us a lot of damage.

Look at some other facts

Imam ul Haq was total failure at World Cup 2019. When Pakistan was wanting huge victory over Bangladesh in case to go through Semi Final, Imam ul Haq started playing for himself to save his place. What if had started playing aggressively and what if they had scored 500+ runs if Imam ul Haq had started aggressively but rather he chose to save his place in the team and started slowly and played a lot of overs to score century in last game of Pakistan team.

Shoaib Malik was struggling to score runs in the world cup 2019 but we are busy trolling him so that we can troll his fans. His family and also can harm others who love him the most. Why ? Because those fans probably were waiting to see Malik’s failure rather than his success of Pakistan’s victories.

If he had scored some runs, it might have helped Pakistan. But emotional fans and haters gonna forget here that he played for Pakistan rather than them or for his fans. Similarly some fans were happy seeing Hafeez’s failure at same events. How emotional we are ! We sometimes forget to support Pakistan, rather we pray to get our unfavourite player out.

There are some many reason that helped me left watching cricket after World Cup 2019.

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